Silang black series - green and black


Unsewn fabric

Width of all loose fabric is 43 inches. You can select the required the length, to be either 2 metres, 2.5 metres or 3 metres.





This is a batik loose fabric that is sold in variable lengths. The fabric is unsewn which means you can turn it into shirts, sarungs, blouses, dresses or anything you wish! All our batik are an original design and handblocked using traditional methods by our craftsmen in Kuala Terengganu.

The silang design is a confluence of criss-crossing lines that is seemingly random, but underneath, the lines are designed with precised configuration.

The Silang twotones comprise coloured lines on a darker background.

Cotton = suitable for sarungs, structured skirts/shirts

Cotton spun = softer material suitable for pareos, blouses, palazzo pants, kaftans

Additional information

Fabric type

Cotton, cotton spun

Fabric length

2 metres, 2.5 metres, 3 metres